Bianca Censori praised as ‘amazing stepmom’ to Kanye West’s daughter North, 10, as fans say little tween is ‘so lucky’

According to an insider, Bianca has big plans for her family with Kanye

BIANCA Censori has been gushed over by fans for her parenting of her stepdaughter.

Kanye West’s wife attended his Vultures 2 show in San Francisco on Tuesday, and fans spotted her hands-on approach to parenting.

Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori was praised for her parenting of his daughter North West


Kanye West’s wife Bianca Censori was praised for her parenting of his daughter North WestCredit: Getty

Bianca stuck close to North as she signed albums and posed for photos at Kanye's listening party


Bianca stuck close to North as she signed albums and posed for photos at Kanye’s listening partyCredit: Instagram/jeen__yuhs_
In a video from the show shared on Instagram, Bianca, 29, escorted North West, 10, as the pre-teen signed autographs for the album, which she featured on.

As North – whom Kanye, 46, shares with Kim Kardashian, 43 – walked in front of the stage to sign albums and pose for photos, Bianca followed closely behind.

The former Yeezy architect then leaned in behind North and her pal as they were spoken to by fans, listening to the conversation while keeping an eye on people taking photos.

In the comment section of the clip, fans were quick to praise Bianca for her involved style of parenting, and couldn’t resist comparing her to Kim.

“Bianca is amazing! Such an awesome stepmom,” said one.

“Bianca seems like a good mom,” agreed a second social media user.

“Yooo [for real] way better than Kim, Bianca also doesn’t give ‘I’m playing stepmom role’ she’s just killin s**t…”

All eyes were on Bianca as she looked after North at the event, but Kim was also there to join in Kanye and their daughter’s big moment.

In a very rare occurrence, Kim and Bianca were seen chatting as they watched the show.


While fans praised Bianca’s parenting, they previously speculated that North was more comfortable with her stepmom than with Kim.

In photos from a recent Paris trip, North and Bianca were spotted on a late-night outing to pick up fast food at Popeyes, with Bianca keeping an eye on North while the young girl seemed to joke around with her stepmom.

Kim Kardashian and Bianca Censori chat and look cozy at Kanye West concert – but fans call out ’embarrassing’ detail
On Reddit, fans compared an image of North hanging onto Bianca in the restaurant with a more restrained image of her and Kim, and read into the pre-teen’s body language.

“I think she feels more comfortable with her dad and Bianca than she does with her own mom,” one fan judged.

“It’s disturbing that [North] looks the most comfortable around Bianca, who is a marginal at best role model, and is unlikely to stay in her life for too long, let’s face it,” said a second.

“Agreed. And that’s not to say she doesn’t get along with her mom but I think North just vibes more so with her dad and it’s okay,” a third fan reasoned.


Fans previously slammed Kim after she took North for photos outside the Met Gala last year, but then seemingly abandoned her daughter on the pavement outside.

And, while Bianca’s parenting has been complimented over Kim’s, the Aussie reportedly wants kids of her own.

However, an insider shared that Bianca’s family is less excited about the idea of her having babies with Kanye.

“[Kanye] is her husband so of course she has talked about this and being a stepmom to Kanye’s kids has really only made her desire to have kids stronger,” the source divulged.

“There was a time when her parents were supportive of her having children with Kanye, but no one believes at this time that her becoming pregnant and having a baby right now is a good idea.

“They want Bianca to have children and they want grandchildren, but they want them to grow up in a stable and loving household. Life with Kanye is not stable at all,” the celebrity insider concluded.

Fans gushed over 'amazing' Bianca, comparing her hands-on approach to North's mom Kim Kardashian, who was also at the concert

Fans gushed over ‘amazing’ Bianca, comparing her hands-on approach to North’s mom Kim Kardashian, who was also at the concertCredit: Instagram/jeen__yuhs_

Bianca reportedly wants kids of her own with Kanye, despite her family's concerns about her marriage

Bianca reportedly wants kids of her own with Kanye, despite her family’s concerns about her marriageCredit: Instagram/jeen__yuhs_

Fans have theorized that North is 'more comfortable' with her dad and stepmom than with Kim

Fans have theorized that North is ‘more comfortable’ with her dad and stepmom than with KimCredit: The Mega Agency

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