Cardi B caused the biggest sensation in Billboard 2019 history when she didn’t even bother wearing underwear and smiled happily even though she was completely exposed (PO)

On the night of May 1, the 2019 Billboard Music Awards took place in Las Vegas, an event that brought together a large number of Hollywood stars to attract attention. The most prominent one is the world’s top rapper Cardi B. She didn’t even bother wearing underwear when she went on the red carpet, making many people gasp.


Cardi B goes naked to explain why her 'honey pot' partly showed on BMA's red carpet | Pulse Ghana

Cardi B did not wear underwear to reveal her private area when posing with her husband

Loyal to the style of showing off skin, but this time, Cardi B is “harsher”. She chose a boldly cut yellow dress that showed off her toned body, revealing her dark skin and wrinkled abdomen. The least charming thing is when the singer Money and her husband did not hesitate to pose in a “dominant” pose and whatever happened happened: the female rapper revealed her entire dark sensitive area in front of the camera.


Cardi B posts NUDE video DURING Billboard Awards as she hits out at wardrobe malfunction accusations | Daily Mail Online

When zooming in close up, you can clearly see the female rapper’s triangle area

Wearing “Ky Duyen’s” dress, Do My Linh had to “expand” because her waist was up to 95cm.

Cari B did not hesitate to smile brightly

Fans around the world were shocked by the way the female rapper dressed

Worth mentioning, this is not the first time Cardi B has chosen this way to show off her goods. Before that, she had many times made reporters’ eyes full of moments showing off her plump skin while walking the red carpet.

Her legs are short, but the female rapper is not afraid to show off her body

If your private area is not exposed, it will show off your plump breasts

This has even become her “specialty”.

Cardi B grabbed all the spotlight when appearing on the 2019 Grammy red carpet.

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