Chennedy Carter Continues To Show Zero Remorse For Her Dirty Foul On Caitlin Clark As She Claps Back At Her Haters During Fiery Interview (nuna)

Chennedy Carter refused to discuss her nasty body check on Caitlin Clark after the Indiana Fever beat the Chicago Sky on Saturday. However, she broke her silence on the matter while speaking to reporters on Monday.

Carter and Angel Reese faced the media after the WNBA upgraded her foul on Clark to a flagrant-1 violation, with the shooting guard insisting she had “no regrets” over the incident and would continue to play hard.

Chennedy Carter after foul on Caitlin Clark (left), Chennedy Carter speaking to reporters (right)
Chennedy Carter (Photo via Getty Images & @JoriParys/Twitter)

“I’m going to compete and play 100% hard no matter who it is or who we’re playing,” she said, per CBS Chicago.

Carter also said she has “no complaints” about the criticism she and the Sky have been fielding since the loss, despite the negative attention it has brought to the WNBA.

“We’ve been able to take a lot of hits in the last 24, 48 hours. I’m over here smiling,” she remarked via the Daily Herald. “I’m not complaining. … At the end of the day, it’s all love outside of basketball. When we’re in those four lines, it’s smoke. After, it’s all love.”

Chennedy Carter Was Busy On The Socials After Saturday’s Game

Despite refusing to answer questions about Caitlin Clark or the foul on Saturday, Chennedy Carter was active on social media.

She threw shade at Caitlin’s game, suggesting the Fever point guard can only shoot threes. She also went after the people calling for the team to get an enforcer for their star while liking several posts praising her actions during the game.

Clark, meanwhile, has taken the high road as she hasn’t addressed Carter directly, although she has pointed out that players seem to be getting away with cheap shots against her.

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