‘Double Negative’: Chris Brown Apologizes For His ’11:11′ Album Missing the Long-Awaited Justin Bieber Collaboration(ct)

In news that certainly ranks as a negative for the beloved fan bases of Justin Bieber (#Beliebers) and Chris Brown (#TeamBreezy), the heartthrobs’ long-rumored duet, ‘Double Negative,’ is not one of the 22 tracks lining the latter’s November 10-released new album, ’11:11.’

In the days leading up the the release of ‘11:11,’ fans of both superstars flooded social media with murmurs the longtime friends would finally let their vaulted duet, ‘Double Negative,’ see the light of day.
Reportedly first recorded by Bieber as a solo song in 2014, the tune was said to be revamped as a duet in 2019 with Brown as the feature.

Moments before ’11:11′ hit digital shelves, however, Chris dashed hopes ‘Double’ would be among the bops that made the project’s final tracklist.

“Double negative unfortunately did not make the deadline in time with the lawyers, so we couldn’t put it on the album,” Brown said to his 144 million Instagram followers late Thursday night (November 9).

Later in the statement, Breezy confirmed there was no beef between himself and Biebz before apologizing for letting down the fans.

“Just my little brother for life, so we will make that moment happen soon. Sorry to the fans that really wanted it to be on the album,” he relayed.

Even still, ’11:11′ is still jam-packed with high-profile guest appearances including the likes of Davido, Future, Fridayy, and more.

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