“Don’t be surprised when you hear WB announce the sequel”: Vin Diesel’s Iron Giant Sequel May Never Happen Despite Him Teasing One 8 Years Ago

Vin Diesel may never see the sequel to his animated film, The Iron Man, despite hinting at it eight years ago.
"Don't be surprised when you hear WB announce the sequel": Vin Diesel's Iron Giant Sequel May Never Happen Despite Him Teasing One 8 Years Ago


While he may majorly be defined by his character of Dominic Torreto thanks to being the face of the iconic Fast and Furious franchise, Vin Diesel has been active in other areas of filmmaking as well. From many different franchises to standalone films and everything in between, once you look closely enough, you realize just how influential the star really is.
Vin Diesel Vin Diesel
But when it comes to the films that he has been passionate about, there are a few, apart from the obvious ones, that he enjoyed contributing to, one of which was the 1999 animated film The Iron Giant. In fact, he even teased us about a sequel of the film that was in the works at WB which would be released soon. Alas, that comment was made eight years ago.

Vin Diesel May Never Receive The Sequel To The Iron Giant From WB

Vin Diesel in and as The Iron Giant Vin Diesel in and as The Iron Giant
Racing souped-up American muscle cars and preaching about the bonds of family in the film industry has what’s been the whole identity of Vin Diesel these past couple of years. This is only the surface though, as before he began his journey down the quarter mile, he was known for being a very diversified actor.

The best example of this is his role as the titular protagonist of The Iron Giant. He liked that role so much that he wanted to be part of a sequel to the film, which unfortunately may never happen.


After Warner Bros. released a trailer for the remastered Blu-Ray version of the aforementioned film all the way back in 2015, the Guardians of The Galaxy star took to his Facebook page and uploaded it as well, talking about how it was an honor being part of such an amazing and impressive film in the past.

Here, he also advised in the caption that people should not be surprised when the company announces the existence of another installment down the road.

Despite this caption being written to give a heads-up to the audience for the near future, it has been almost eight years since then, and still, there’s not even a peep about any sequel of the film anywhere. This has led many to believe that the hinted sequel may never happen.


What Was The Iron Giant About?

A still from The Iron Giant A still from The Iron Giant
Adapted from the classic novel by author Ted Hughes, titled The Iron Man, The Iron Giant is an animated feature about a boy who finds a giant robot in the forest, completely made of iron.

The film tells the tale of a giant alien robot that crash-lands near the small town of Rockwell, Maine, in 1957. He is later found by a young boy named Hogarth Hughes, who slowly but surely, befriends him. But their friendship is soon put to the test when a government agent named Kent Mansley, becomes determined to destroy the robot during the advent of The Cold War.


The Iron Giant, streaming on Max.

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