Enes Freedom Attempts to Tarnish LeBron James’ Historical Night With One Word /d

Enes Kanter Freedom in one image looking confused and LeBron James yelling in another image.
Lakers’ star LeBron James recently achieved a historic feat that sets him apart from other players in the history of the NBA. While everyone related to Bron is celebrating his achievement, Enes Kanter Freedom can’t hold himself back from ruining Bron’s day.

Enes attempted to tarnish Bron’s night as he posted his statements on social media. He targeted Bron’s image with his post, trying to downplay his achievement and promote his narrative.

Enes Freedom resumes his LeBron James smear campaign

Enes Kanter Freedom has resumed his efforts to tarnish the name of LeBron James. He has always had problems with the Lakers’ star and has never missed an opportunity to speak against him. His actions can often be traced back to him trying to smear Bron’s name and belittle his achievements and success.

In his recent attempt, he targeted Bron’s latest achievement. LeBron recently achieved 40,000 career points and, this did not sit right with Enes. As soon as Bron achieved this feat, Enes went to Twitter to resume his LeBron James smear campaign. He wrote, “Integrity > 40,000,” trying to tarnish Bron’s integrity while belittling his achievement.

Reason behind Enes Freedom’s LeBron James disdain

It is clear from Enes’ actions that he does not like Bron a lot, and his reason for it is even more uncanny. Ever since Freedom stepped foot in the NBA, he has been an activist. He has openly criticized the Turkish government and even changed his name after he was granted U.S. citizenship.

Freedom’s relationship with Bron wasn’t the greatest since he was a player for the New York Knicks. Bron and Freedom got into an altercation where they both lashed out at each other in 2017. Enes’ hatred for King James stems from his belief that the Lakers ace is an avid supporter of China and endorses their products and services.

This belief is the sole reason for his “integrity” tweets meant to demean Bron. This is not the first time Enes has tweeted something like this. When Bron achieved 39,000 points after breaking the record of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Enes posted a similar tweet where he wrote, “Integrity>39,000.” James is also an activist on his part. But he and Enes don’t see eye to eye as they have opposite political views and beliefs.

What do you think of Enes Freedom’s remark on LeBron James’ achievement? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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