Fast & Furious Has 1 Toretto Family Member The Movies Haven’t Shown Yet

Tyler Posey’s Tony Toretto is still missing from the Fast & Furious movies after his introduction in Spy Racers, but he needs to join the family.

Fast and the furious Tony toretto tyler posey

The Fast & Furious franchise still has one Toretto family member the movies have yet to show. Family has become as synonymous with the Fast & Furious franchise as its cars and unbelievable action sequences. While the films often focus on the found family that Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto calls a crew, the actual Toretto family is a huge part of the franchise’s mythology. Dom and his sister Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) were the only family members included for the longest time, but the continued expansion of the Fast & Furious franchise has meant introducing other family members, including in some surprising ways.

Dom’s family has expanded throughout the films after having a son with Elena (Elsa Pataky) and marrying Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez). However, F9 is where audiences met several other members of the Toretto family tree. The movie finally showed Dom’s father Jack in a flashback, but the big reveal came with John Cena’s Jakob, who is Dom’s younger brother. The reveal that Dom and Mia had a brother might not fit with the franchise’s canon, but the reveal was made anyway. Fast X is also poised to feature new members of the Toretto family with Rita Moreno playing Dom’s grandmother.


A key part of the Fast & Furious franchise’s expansion in recent years came on Netflix with the first animated show, Fast & Furious: Spy Racers. Running for six seasons, the show focused on a young crew of racers turned spies. Vin Diesel’s Dom even had some cameos on the show to meet up with Spy Racers‘ lead character, Tony Toretto, who is his cousin. Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey voiced Tony Toretto in Spy Racers, but he has yet to make an appearance in the live-action movies. As it stands, he is one of the few known members of the Toretto family left out of the films.

Could Tyler Posey Play Tony Toretto In The Fast & Furious Movies?

Nothing has been announced, but Tyler Posey could theoretically play Tony Toretto in a Fast & Furious movie. The biggest hurdle is that Spy Racers depicted Tony Toretto as a teenager, but Posey is in his 30s. That leaves Universal and the Fast & Furious creative team with a few possibilities to use the missing Toretto character. Since the events of Spy Racers do not really have any connection to the movies, the show’s story could have taken place many years ago as far as the movies are concerned. This would allow Tyler Posey to appear as an older Tony Toretto in a Fast & Furious movie. The franchise could also have Posey attempt to play someone in their early 20s and only have a few years pass in Tony’s life after Spy Racers‘ ending.

It would be quite smart of Universal to bring Tyler Posey’s Tony Toretto into future Fast & Furious movies. Reports indicate that Fast X and Fast & Furious 11 will be the end of the main franchise. With Dom’s story potentially wrapping up in these movies, Tony Toretto could be left to help lead the next iteration of the franchise – possibly alongside Brie Larson as Brian O’Connor’s sister. Considering how important the Toretto family is to the Fast & Furious movies, having Tony around would be a natural way to keep the Torettos involved in the franchise even if Dom is no longer actively involved.

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