Fever Coach Christie Sides Compared Caitlin Clark to Diana Taurasi

Tndiana Fever head coach Christie Sides said Caitlin Clark is her Rookie of the Year. This coming after Clark became the only first-year player to record a triple-double in WNBA history. The Fever coach also took it a step further, dubbing Clark the “most competitive human being I’ve ever met” and adding how that competitive fire reminds her of the legendary Diana Taurasi.


Fever Coach Christie Sides Compared Caitlin Clark to Diana Taurasi 

Sides went on to further praise Clark saying, “She’s always looking to find ways to get better. How can I help the team? What can we do?…she just wants to win”. The Fever coach noted how the team’s chemistry has improved and now players are converting on some of the passes from Clark that they didn’t earlier in the season.

Caitlin mentioned what her teammates were able to do to help her reach the statistical achievement and for them to beat the New York Liberty when she spoke to the media as well. Though fellow All-Star Aliyah Boston felt that Clark was not giving herself enough credit in the moment.

The comparison Sides made to Taurasi was a timely one, as the Fever also recently defeated Diana and the Phoenix Mercury. Following that contest DT showed love to CC with quotes that were widely shared.

Clark’s ability to share the ball helped her reach the unique individual feat, but the team as a whole seemed to revel in the win. Even if everyone involved will have to answer Rookie of the Year questions given what Angel Reese has also been able to do for the Chicago Sky.

Caitlin Clark's near triple-double wins over WNBA legend Diana Taurasi -  Los Angeles Times

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