Francia Raisa officially spoke out about the suspicion of being “forced” by her close friend Selena Gomez to donate her kidney

 After a long time of being questioned about her broken friendship with Selena Gomez, Francia Raisa finally spoke up about the rumor of being “forced” to donate her kidney. The actress affirmed that she did it out of her own kindness.

In 2017, Francia Raisa surprised the public when she made an extremely noble decision: Donating a kidney to her close friend Selena Gomez. This courageous act of the actress shook the whole world.

However, in an interview, Selena Gomez caused controversy when she shared that she was informed by the doctor about the results of a compatibility test between her and Francia Raisa before Francia even knew it. Unable to contain her joy, she called Francia and a kidney transplant between the two was performed a short time later.

Francia Raisa officially spoke out about the suspicion of being "forced" by her close friend Selena Gomez to donate her kidney photo 1

Francia Raisa donated a kidney to Selena Gomez to help the singer overcome her illness.

This is completely contrary to the normal kidney donation process where test results must be confidentially informed to the kidney donor. Rumors about Francia Raisa being put in a “difficult position” or being “forced” to donate her kidney to Selena Gomez also emerged from there.

Finally, everything became clear when in a recent interview on John Peck’s Good Guys podcast , Francia Raisa denied the above speculations, affirming that they were just false rumors.

” I’ve said this before… I just feel it in my heart. No one forces me to do anything. It comes from the true kindness of my heart,” the actress shared .

Francia Raisa affirmed that donating a kidney to Selena Gomez was her own decision, coming from the heart.

Francia Raisa also confirmed that there is absolutely no conflict between her and Selena Gomez . Previously, the former Disney star caused a stir when she said that Taylor Swift was her “only friend” in the entertainment industry even though Francia Raisa is also an actress. Selena Gomez’s actions may have hurt Francia Raisa when the How I Met Your Father star left a “slander” comment under the post. Even though it was deleted, many years later, the press continued to report that the two girls were “even in person but not satisfied”.


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Francia Raisa officially spoke out about the suspicion of being "forced" by her close friend Selena Gomez to donate her kidney photo 2

Francia Raisa and Selena Gomez have reconciled after many rumors of “disapproval”.

On the occasion of Francia Raisa’s 35th birthday, Selena Gomez posted a heartfelt message about her friend. “Happy birthday to this special person. No matter where life takes us, I still love you very much ,” the owner of the hit Same Old Love wrote .

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