Hailey Bieber Addresses Allegations of Shading Selena Gomez Once Again

In a recent interview, Hailey Bieber addressed rumors suggesting she shaded Selena Gomez yet again. The model wanted to set the record straight and clarify that she did not throw any shade towards her husband Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend.

The rumor originated from an Instagram video in which Hailey appeared to passionately sing along to a love song by Selena while her husband admired her from behind. Many fans speculated that Hailey’s actions were a deliberate slight towards Selena, feeding into ongoing rumors of a feud between the two women.

However, Hailey took the opportunity to address the rumors, explaining that the situation was completely misinterpreted. She stated that she believes in women supporting women and has no intention of shading anyone, let alone Selena. Hailey attributed the misunderstanding to the dangers of social media and the tendency of people to jump to conclusions without knowing the full story.

Furthermore, Hailey expressed her respect for Selena as an artist, acknowledging her talent and the impact she has had on the music industry. She added that she has nothing but love and admiration for all women in the industry, emphasizing the importance of unity and uplifting one another instead of tearing each other down.

Hailey’s comments about supporting women align with her previous statements about female empowerment. She believes that women should stand together and celebrate each other’s successes rather than fueling unnecessary drama. The model has frequently spoken out about the importance of uplifting and encouraging fellow women to reach their full potential.

It is worth noting that Hailey has faced similar rumors in the past regarding her alleged animosity towards Selena. However, she has consistently refuted these claims, maintaining that she bears no ill will towards her husband’s former girlfriend.


In conclusion, Hailey Bieber has once again denied shading Selena Gomez. She clarified that her actions were not intended as a deliberate slight but rather a misinterpretation. Hailey emphasized her belief in supporting women, expressing respect and admiration for Selena and all other women in the industry. She hopes to shift the focus from unnecessary drama to unity and empowerment.


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