“I didn’t enjoy the experience”: Dwayne Johnson’s Fast and Furious Rival John Cena Hated $22M Movie He Was Forced to Do to Build Fame

With magnificent physical grace and biceps of steel, John Cena appeared in the 2006 action film, The Marine directed by John Bonito. Satisfying the audience’s urge to witness one-man wrecking crews, with guts, honor, and a big gun, the former WWE champion featured alongside Robert Patrick, Kelly Carlson, and Anthony Ray Parker.

John Cena

John Cena
While the movie almost performed well at the box office and catapulted John Cena to fame, the former WWE champion claimed to have hated the filming experience. Stating how he accepted the movie for outside fame after Steve Austin and Randy Orton turned down the role, Cena mentioned disliking his $22M project.


John Cena Wasn’t The First Choice For The Marine 

The well-established pro wrestler and once infamous rival to the other wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, John Cena switched to a career in acting in 2006, after serving successful years in the ring as a WWE champion. Appearing in the entertainment industry with the action thriller The Marine, Cena rose to fame overnight, following the reasonable success of his Hollywood debut.
The MarineThe Marine (2006)

Although The Marine was battered by the critics, the film performed relatively well at the box office and earned $22M globally. However, while the movie served as a rising platform for John Cena, the actor wasn’t the initial choice for the titular role of former Marine John Triton.
John CenaCena wasn’t the first choice for The Marine
John Bonito’s 2006 action thriller was initially written with Al Pacino in mind for the role of the criminal Rome, and Steve Austin as the lead hero, John Triton. However, Austin parted ways with the movie and it went to Randy Orton. Nonetheless, even Orton turned down the role due to his bad conduct discharge from the Marines. That’s when the lead role eventually went to John Cena.


John Cena Absolutely Hated His $22M Movie 

After Al Pacino turned down the role of Rome as he was offered a low salary, Ray Liotta was eyed for the criminal character. However, eventually, it went to Robert Patrick who starred alongside the former WWE champion John Cena. As the duo made an amazing bond that served with great onscreen chemistry, the movie turned out to be Cena’s ticket to fame.
John CenaCena as John Triton in The Marine
However, despite finding his Hollywood fame through his 2006 action film, John Cena claimed to hate the movie, quite deeply. Stating how he accepted the role for outside fame, Cena admitted, “I enjoyed the business plan, I didn’t enjoy the experience”.
John CenaJohn Cena claimed to hate his experience on The Marine
In the end, no matter how much the former wrestling champion despised The Marine, the movie was hailed by audiences over its maelstrom of gunfire, explosions, car chases, and fistfights. The 2006 action thriller from John Bonito was later deemed a PG-13-rated film filled with brawling, gunplay, and profanity.

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