Jemele Hill Uпleashes Fυrioυs Raпt Claimiпg Caitliп Clark Receives Differeпt Treatmeпt From Media Compared To Black Players

Jemele Hill erupted in anger when she claimed that Caitlin Clark received different treatment from the media compared to black players


Jemele and Caitlin Clark (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images) (Photo by Andy Lyons/GettyImages)


Jemele Hill has serious problems with Caitlin Clark, but it’s not because of what she did or said It’s because the media reports about her.


View of Crowded Town Square

Caitlin Clark, the Iowa Hawkeyes superstar, is the biggest name in women’s college basketball for several years last year and haven’t even achieved that achievement yet. She is known as Stephen Curry female and attracts all eyes just like him.

Not only did fans flock to see her, but the media coverage of her went crazy, too, is a problem for Jemele Hill.


The former ESPN host argued that the media reports on the White players like Caitlin -Clark are much different than black players.

“Everything about this  sport has been trending for years now. It’s not just let’s start with Caitlin Clark,” Hill said in an interview with Uproxx.

“A study I cited recently for an article in The Atlantic [found that] when you compare the [coverage] of someone like (Paige) Bueckers, Sabrina Ionescu, or -Caitlin Clark to A’ja Wilson, who dominated basketball at every level Present. She is probably the best player in the world. And I’m not trying to act like she doesn’t coverage, but the level of coverage that non-white women sometimes receive, or especially
especially black women. , not even close,” Hill added.

Hill added that A’ja Wilson, arguably the best player in the world, deserved to be included believe more than what Caitlin Clark is getting right now.

“I mean, Aliyah Boston was the best player in college just a few years ago. And she didn’t even get a tenth of the media coverage that Caitlin Clark did. Currently, some people would say, ‘Oh, that’s her game.’ But I don’t think that’s it. she was amazing on television and I was thinking, What a missed opportunity for national media to really elevate her as a person. Caitlin Clark apparently Great personality, but it doesn’t look like Caitlin Clark is walking around talking crazy material. They just covered up her brilliance, that’s enough. Meanwhile it feels like for black athletes to receive similar coverage or even fair coverage,

There has to be something extra [besides basketball].”


-Clark is having a great run with No. 1 seeded Iowa in his senior year. People superstar defenseman broke several NCAA records as she sought to add to her National Championship added to his resume before leaving the WNBA later that year.

Despite what Jemele Hill might think, Clark won’t just be engraved on the calendar
college basketball history because of her incredible scoring achievements but also because of her overall impact
for women’s  sport.

Caitlin Clark has the superstar power to take the WNBA to the next level

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Caitlin Clark is a college rankings and attendance favorite, and she has can bring excitement around him to the WNBA and that’s a good thing for everyone.

She can not only attract home fans but also attract other fans above road. WNA is on an upward trend and Clark will only help it reach even greater heights her presence.

Everyone should support her considering herself the WNBA version of Stephen Curry.

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