Justin Bieber’s Response to Selena Gomez’s Appearance at the VMAs 2023: ‘I’ve been patient patiently waiting’

Justin Bieber had a noticeable reaction to Selena Gomez during the VMAs in 2023.

Selena Gomez Responds to Justin Bieber Weight TikTok After Hailey Photo –  StyleCaster

The article focuses on Bieber’s response to Gomez’s presence at the event.

The content, written in English within 80 words, highlights how Bieber reacted to seeing his former flame at the VMAs.

While all the celebrities showed up on this year’s VMAs, Everyone noticed the absence of Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber on the event.

This was suspicious because justin has mostly attend VMAs of past years. Justin’s reaction to Selena Winning VMA award after 10 years, is becoming a hot topic on internet, as he revealed his feelings in the new song” moments” giving a message to selena. selena Gomez and rema won the Best Afrobeats title for their song “Calm Down.

Justin’s reaction to Selena winning VMA award after 10 years is becoming a Hot Topic on internet as he reveals his feelings in the new song Moments trying to give a message to Selena

Selena Gomez and Remo won the best afrobeats title for their song calm down

That had three nominations in addition to best collaboration it was up for song of the year as well when Rama asked Salinas to share some words after winning the award she gave an emotional speech

You’re believing in me and thank you for choosing me to be a part of such an incredible song that’s been able to break records thank you as the event ended Selena became a trend on social media with half a million tweets on Twitter because of becoming a meme for a reaction to Chris Brown’s nomination obviously more people asked why Justin didn’t attend it’s already five years since he is married

Eventually there will be a day when they have to face each other as both of them are big stars and attending VIP events soon Justin’s and Haley’s Instagram was flooded with comments on why they skipped as most speculated it was because he is still not over Selena

A day after this Jin posted a really cheesy long paragraph for Haley Bieber for their five-year anniversary and Haley posted pictures of them only saying I love you

Justin’s fans were quick to notice that these words did not come from him saying Haley give Justin his phone back another said it is so staggy and obvious Justin doesn’t speak like that

Well she had to do it because Justin was dropping a new song Moments in collaboration with Diddy which had controversial lyrics related to his ex Selena

I’ve been patient patiently waiting

I’ve been faking for a long time

Fans are very much convinced now that his marriage to Haley is fake smiles and posts before this there were rumors of their divorce some say Justin is just waiting for his visa and he is not happy with her

If longer the caption worse the marriage theory is true then he had to make it seem real before releasing moments but unfortunately lyrics are too obvious he knows what he did back when they head on and off relationship he took Selena for granted and is now trying to make up for it

As Selena herself said she was in a mentally abusive relationship with him

I was a victim to certain abuse and an emotional abuse yes let us know in comments about your thoughts thank you for watching

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