Khloé Kardashian Hilariously Reacts To Sister Kim’s Heel-Less Met Gala Shoe

Khloe has hilariously reacted to her older sisterKim heel-less shoes. The Skims founder, 43,took to Instagram on Thursday to share pictures of the “making of” her ensemble for the 2024 Met Gala, which took place on 6 May. Her post included a snap of her clear, open-toe shoes with a large platform at the front.

However, the back of the shoe was missing a heel, which sparked amusing reactions from Kim’s followers.Her younger sister, Khloe, even went to the comments of the post to question how Kim managed to walk in the shoes during the Met Gala.

“Damsel in distress,” the Good American founder quipped. “That invisible heel is wild! How did you manage? I definitely would have fallen.” Other celebrities and fans poked fun at the heel-less shoes while expressing how they’d feel about wearing the accessory.“The heel though.

I think I would have made a mistake and fell flat on my back,” Serena Williams wrote, while reality star Snooki quipped: “I’m gonna wear those heels my next meatball day.” A third fan joked: “The corset AND the shoes??! Girl, how do you do it…”

Leading up to the Met Gala, Kim filmed a behind-the-scenes video with Vogue  where she got ready for the fashion extravaganza. During the occasion, she held up her clear shoes and addressed why there wasn’t a heel in the back of the accessory. “This my shoe. It’s clever because if I had a shoe with a heel, the heel gets stuck in the metal skirt. And so that was our issue of walking,” she said in the video, shared the day after the fashion event.

The Kardashians star then explained how she’d be moving around in the shoes at the Met Gala. “To wear these, you’re on your tiptoes and you’re balancing the whole time, flexing your calf muscles,” she continued. “So, that’s what I’m gonna have to do is stand on my tippy toes.”

As Kim continued to hold the shoes, she noted that this was her only time to practice walking in them. She also expressed why she still wanted to wear the shoes, adding: “I think we really need the height on this look, so we gotta do what we gotta do.”

While walking the red carpet at the Met Gala on 6 May, Kim wore a corseted silver custom Margiela by John Galliano gown with a sheer mermaid-style metal lace skirt adorned with leaves and flowers, to coincide with the theme of the event, “The Garden of Time.” In addition to debuting platinum hair once again, she paired her silver dress with a grey shrug, which she held closed across her chest.

However, the decision to pair the custom look with the casual outerwear was met with confusion, with many people on social media wondering why Kim didn’t ditch the cardigan entirely. Other fans questioned if something had happened to the dress, and if Kim was using the sweater to cover the wardrobe issue.

Amid the online criticism over the sweater, she told Vogue during the Met Gala why she was wearing the accessory in the first place. This is like the wildest night of my life in a garden,” she said when describing the story of her outfit. “And I just ran out and grabbed my boyfriend’s sweater and threw it on. And had to get to work. My hair’s all messed up.”

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