Kim Kardashian’s sexy figure over time

Different from the sweet, simple beauty of the past, Kim Kardashian has now become sharper, fiery and bolder. Besides, the reputation and status of the “super round butt” beauty also improved dramatically.

From an anonymous assistant to Paris Hilton , Kim Kardashian caused a stir in the American entertainment industry with her sex tape leak scandal in 2007 and then became a famous name thanks to the heat of the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians . At the age of 42, this beauty is one of the most influential stars on social networks with more than 290 million followers on Instagram and owns a business “empire” worth billions of dollars. Along with the rise in reputation, Kim’s status and appearance also changed significantly over time.

From a young age, Kim Kardashian was a pretty and adorable girl. In a series of photos taken in the 1990s, the “teenage version” of Kim was highly praised for her sharp face: deep brown eyes, straight nose bridge, attractive thick lips… and charisma. Top notch and stylish dress sense


The “super butt” beauty exudes natural, seductive beauty through a series of moments recorded in 2001. Her face without makeup, healthy skin, sexy features, and her simplicity and carefreeness. 8X beauties easily create sympathy with viewers


In the early 2000s, Kim Kardashian became Paris Hilton’s assistant. At the launch of the blonde lady’s debut album Paris in 2006, she showed off her sexy figure in a tight black dress. At that time, beautiful people preferred light makeup and big curly hair


Kylie Jenner’s sister’s sweet and seductive beauty at this stage is not inferior to any female star. She often chooses tight outfits that flatter her plump, sexy figure


The beauty born in 1980 wore a bikini to show off her dreamy figure while walking on Miami beach in 2008.


Star of the show The Keeping Up With the Kardashians in 2009. The virtuous lady loves short dresses with deep slits that completely show off her bust and eye-catching curves. The beauty also refreshed her appearance by changing her hairstyle and varying many different styles. She is much slimmer and slimmer than her current body


The “super butt” beauty took the spotlight on the 2011 Grammy red carpet. This was a successful year for Kim when she promoted her perfume business , renewing two more seasons of The Keeping Up With the Kardashians for 50 million USD. At the same time, she launched the book Dollhouse with her two sisters, Kourtney – Khloe…


According to a report by International Business Times , the founder of Skims is the reality TV star with the highest income in 2010 with 6 million USD.


Kim Kardashian appeared at the 2013 Met Gala with Kanye West while pregnant with her first daughter North West. The famous model showed off her stunning baby bump in a body-hugging floral dress by Givenchy


After giving birth to her first child, Kanye West’s wife’s body became fuller than before. Female stars continue to pursue hot styles with designs that squeeze the body


In 2015, the businesswoman announced she was pregnant with her second baby. However, her growing bust can’t stop the scandalous beauty from giving up her bold style. Sister Kendall Jenner appeared at the year-end event wearing a see-through lace Givenchy outfit


After her second “labor”, the owner of KKW Beauty embarked on a rigorous weight loss battle. According to Us Weekly , after losing more than 27kg thanks to the Atkins diet, Kim focused on body shaping to make her body more plump and toned. She once revealed that she exercises for an hour and a half every day and is proud to be able to control her body measurements


Over time, Kim’s “super butt” face has become increasingly strange and less natural


According to The Sun , cosmetic surgery expert Mark Solomos believes that Kim may have had a chin repair, filler injections along the jawbone, nose reduction, cheek implants… She is also suspected of having gone under the knife at home. chest and buttocks to look fuller


In May 2019, the mother of four surprised people when she appeared at the Met Gala in a Mugler dress with a tightly corseted waist, highlighting her “breathtaking” hourglass body.


Compared to 2006, the appearance of the American female billionaire has changed in an increasingly less natural direction. Cosmetic experts say that in order to have her current unbelievable body (waist getting smaller, hips and buttocks getting rounder), Kanye West’s ex-wife not only relies on her exercise regimen but also the intervention of her husband. Beauty


However, the “super butt” beauty denied going under the knife. In addition to admitting that she “tried” Botox as well as retouching her hairline, she shared that it was all thanks to good genes, shaping underwear, exercise regimen…


Kim Kardashian is very confident with her current appearance. On Instagram, she constantly shares pictures wearing skimpy bikinis showing off her desirable curves

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