Lil Wayne: ‘My son Cameron is talented in music and sports, I will always support him no matter what path he chooses’ (PO)

Lil Wayne: ‘My son Cameron is talented in music and sports, I will always support him no matter what path he chooses’


Fans were shocked to see Lil Wayne and his kid Cameron watching basketball because of how identical they appeared in both attitude and action.

The well-known musician and cultural icon Lil Wayne made news lately when he brought his son Cameron to a basketball game. The remarkable physical similarity between the father and son, as well as the similarities in their facial expressions and behaviors, stun ned fans.


Their mutual excitement for the game was apparent as they engaged with the players on the court and applauded and high-fived one other.

From the way Lil Wayne and Cameron leaned forward in anticipation during pivotal moments of the game to their contagious smiles when their side scored, many spectators couldn’t help but note the striking parallels between them.

The father and son pair’s closeness was touching to see as they enjoyed this unique time together and bonded over their shared passion of basketball.


For fans, seeing Lil Wayne and Cameron together was like seeing a living, breathing version of a mirror image, confirming the idea that it’s true that apples don’t fall far from trees.

The outing left onlookers in awe of their unbreakable bond as it not only demonstrated their mutual love of sports but also gave a glimpse into their intimate relationship.

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