Michael Strahan’s Daughter Gets Good News Amid Cancer Battle

Michael Strahan’s daughter, Isabella, is back in the hospital amid her ongoing brain cancer battle—and she is using her experience to help others.

In January, the Good Morning America host’s daughter shared details about her medulloblastoma—a rare form of brain cancer—diagnosis during an episode of the show. She explained that she had undergone emergency surgery after doctors found a tumor “bigger than a golf ball” growing at the back of her brain.

The 19-year-old has recently started chemotherapy and ever since she spoke about her diagnosis on the morning show, she has been documenting her journey on her YouTube account. Her channel is growing in numbers and at the time of writing had 22,300 subscribers.

Newsweek reached out to Michael and Isabella Strahan for comment through a representative for Michael Strahan via email Friday.

Michael Strahan and daughter Isabella Strahan
A photo of Michael Strahan and his daughter Isabella Strahan while at a football game, posted in September 2023, and a photo from Isabella Strahan’s Instagram account posted on January 23, 2024. The teenager has…  MICHAEL STRAHAN/ISABELLA STRAHAN/INSTAGRAM
“She has bravely, bravely documented her journey on YouTube in hopes of helping other people with the same diagnosis feel supported and to know that they are not alone,” Michael Strahan said during an episode of Good Morning America. The clip was then used in an Instagram video where he and his daughter took viewers through the next chapter of Isabella Strahan’s cancer journey.

The teenager’s YouTube account is proving to be a success so far, as she has been steadily growing her audience in the last few weeks and getting more eyes on her videos.

On February 9, she had 279,132 video views but this number has continued to climb. According to Social Blade, a social media analytics website, on February 22 she gained 1,500 subscribers, which is more than on previous days. That same day, she also received 13,254 video views, bringing her total to 408,724.

On February 23 she has gained 500 new subscribers and had an extra 8,523 video views, bringing her view count to 417,247.

As these numbers continue to grow, Isabella Strahan is bringing more and more awareness to the disease.

On Wednesday Michael Strahan said it’s been helpful for his daughter to document her journey, which she started to benefit Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center.

“I think, for her, so many people have reached out and said, ‘I’m glad you’re doing this,’ ‘Thank you for doing this,’ ‘This has really helped us,’ and all that support that she is getting from people she doesn’t know, on top of people that she does know, has kept her in a very positive space. So thank you to everybody,” he said while on Good Morning America.

In a YouTube video Isabella Strahan posted on February 16, she opened up about some of the symptoms she has endured as a result of her chemotherapy. She said she was in so much pain that it felt like she was “having a heart attack.”

“My eyes are strained, they hurt to look to the sides. My whole mouth feels like I got one giant root canal,” she explained.

“Every single tooth, just ripped out and not even surgically put back in. My jaw hurts, the bottom of my tongue hurts. It hurts when I gulp water.”

In a video uploaded on February 21, she said that going through chemotherapy felt like poison was being put in your body. She told viewers that chemo makes her “super awful” and “horrible” and people took to the comments to share their support for the 19-year-old.

“Continuing to keep you in my prayers. Posting for you to be cancer free and back to school living life to the fullest. You got this! God is good!” one person commented.

“Isabella, What you share on your blogs is so incredibly important. You give the raw, honest insight that helps those who are going through it too not feel alone, and that educates everyone about the reality of the journey. I admire you and am grateful that you are sharing your daily feelings and experiences. As Robin Roberts says: you make your mess your message. And you’re taking your message to a whole new level of excellence. You are strong and beautiful!” said another.

“Being a cancer survivor, you will see just how strong you are. Keep up the great fight. You got this,” another YouTube user wrote.

A fourth added: “Isabella you are such a great inspiration to others. Thank you for being honest while showing you can fight and smile at the same time. It matters!!!”

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