NBA Champion who played for Celtics admits filming adult film after career in basketball

Glen Davis won the NBA Championship in his rookie season with the Boston Celtics in 2008.

NBA Champion who played for Celtics admits filming adult film after career in basketball

Glen Davis, formerly an NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics, revealed that he used to shoot adult films after his career

Glen Davis played in the NBA for 9 seasons. He became an NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics in his rookie year. After the end of his 9th season, free agent Davis announced that he would take a break from his basketball career. His interests deviated to the film world, where he wanted to be a producer. Now, he revealed that the film world he left basketball for, was the adult film industry.

Glen Davis underwent ankle surgery after the 2015 season, sidelining him for a while. During this time, he decided that his interests had waned from the basketball court. He announced in November 2016 that he was leaving the world of basketball for the film world as a producer.

Yesterday, he revealed on his official Instagram account, what that film world was like. He said;

That one time I used to shoot pornos! I really used to like that job!!

Glen Davis said
Davis posted a picture of himself with two adult actresses, allegedly confirming his interests during the time. He was also seen taking a photo of one actress by himself.

Davis confirmed that he used to shoot adult films and that he used to like that job. Nicknamed ‘Big Baby’, he wanted to use the adult film industry as a new career. But other off-court issues seem to have derailed that idea as well for the former Boston Celtics big man.

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Davis was charged with possession of drugs in 2018, which he got away with a fine. But what mired his name was when he was indicted alongside 18 other players for allegedly defrauding the NBA’s health and welfare benefit plan in 2021. Last year, Davis was charged guilty of healthcare fraud.

Glen Davis and a short basketball history

Glen Davis was an NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics in his rookie season. Winning alongside the likes of Kevin GarnettPaul Pierce, and Ray Allen, was a scenario every young rookie would want. Garnett even helped Davis develop as a power forward.

Later, he was traded to the Orlando Magic where he produced career-high numbers at one point. He left the Magic after 3 seasons to reunite with his championship-winning head coach Doc Rivers at the Los Angeles Clippers. Despite having a dustup with his coach, Davis played for 2 seasons as a solid backup. His ankle surgery situation left him unsigned as a free agent.

That is when he decided to take time off basketball. But nobody had an idea what film career Davis was aspiring for. Now his official revelation has brought to light what piqued his interest.

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