New Locker Room Video Shows Caitlin Clark & The Indiana Fever’s Reaction After Overcoming Angel Reese’ Ugly Flagrant Foul To Beat The Sky

Fever star Caitlin Clark flirted with shutting down the internet with a near triple-double as she finished with 23 points, nine assists, and eight rebounds as Indiana defeated the Chicago Sky on Sunday, per

caitlin Clark and the Indiana fever locker room after a big win.

Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever locker room (Photo via @IndianaFever/Twitter)


Instead, Clark ended up breaking the internet after she became the subject of another hard foul by the same team that did it weeks ago.

This time, the moment may have been bigger since Angel Reese was involved.

In the game, Reese was called for a flagrant foul after she hit Caitlin Clark in the head as she drove to the basket for a potential layup.

After the game, Reese was upset as she said it was a “basketball play” in which she was trying to block Clark’s shot.

“Basketball play, I can’t control the refs,” she said to reporters. “They affected the game, obviously, a lot tonight.”

Following the contest, footage surfaced showing the Indiana Fever in good spirits. Fever head coach Christie Sides encouraged her players, saying, “I am so proud of ya’ll. We are streaking right now.”

The Indiana Fever Are Finding Their Identity And Playing Much Better Amid Caitlin Clark’s Rookie Year

The Indiana Fever picked up their second win over the Chicago Sky this season and their fourth win in six games. Their recent performance on the court suggests enormous growth from the team, as they have now been playing together on the court for just over two months.

There may be nonstop controversy surrounding Caitlin Clark, but the pressure of having such a dynamic player on the team is starting to work out in their favor.

Indiana still has some work to do, but the talent is there, and who knows where they might be come playoff time.

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