NFL RedZone’s Scott Hanson Lauded by Fans for His Actions After Seeing Bad Car Crash (PO)

Kristen Wong

This offseason, NFL RedZone host Scott Hanson found himself at the scene of a car crash calling what might be the most bizarre play-by-play of his career.

Hanson was seen—or rather, his iconic voice was recognized—in a viral TikTok video of someone appearing to steal a watermelon out of a flipped-over car.

In the video, a person filmed himself entering the empty, damaged car and pulling out half a watermelon. When the person emerged from the vehicle, Hanson, who happened to be at the scene as well, said, “Hey dude, what are you doing?”

Hanson then started filming the other person and describing the events that unfolded. It is unclear where the crash took place or whether any people were injured.

After the TikTok video went viral earlier this week, NFL fans immediately expressed concern for Hanson’s health. Hanson wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Tuesday evening:

“Yes, I am fine. I was a witness—I wasn’t in either car. Terrible crash. I checked on the survivors and then saw that jack-wagon trying to exploit the situation for his social media. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was/am. Disheartening.”

Hanson added that he was worried the watermelon culprit had been tampering with the scene of a crime.

“Yes. 2 ppl could’ve died, & that clown was excited about his Tik Tok,” Hanson wrote. “I couldn’t believe it. You know his name/identity? He jetted when the police were pulling up. I video’d him in case what he was doing was illegal – (tampering with the scene of a crime?). So disappointing”

NFL fans applauded Hanson for being an upright citizen.

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