Offset humiliates & embarrasses Cardi B (PO)

Fans are upset with Offset over a recent post on his Instagram page, which they found disrespectful towards his wife, Cardi B. In the post, Offset wrote, “She do what I say, she going to fetch,” leading many fans to criticize his treatment of Cardi B.

One fan commented, “Every day he finds a new way to embarrass her. I’ve never seen a man go out of his way to cause humiliation to his wife. Every time she is ready to do her project, at this point you the op, you in competition, and that’s sad. She goes hard for you and you out here internally envying her success. If my husband posted this, I would be pissed. This is very disrespectful. How embarrassing.”

Cardi B Goes Off Offset's Sister For Humiliating Her | Cardi Divorces  Offset Into Homeless



Offset responded, saying, “This is lyrics to my song and this my merch coming soon,” and added, “She good,” but fans were not convinced. Another fan replied, “No woman who’s in love can ever be good with this. Wait, what? Respect yourself. She’s supposed to be your half, not your dog. I love you as an artist, Set, but why would that be your response? That makes Cardi look bad and like she’ll put up with your mess as long as the money is there. That’s wild of you.”


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