“Perk was spittin facts”: College hoops world agree with Kendrick Perkins’ remarks on Bronny James

Kendrick Perkins

Kendrick Perkins’ remarks on Bronny James

Bronny James was the center of most conversations regarding the NBA draft combine last week and Kendrick Perkins is not happy about it. On Monday, Perkins went on NBA Today to call out networks, including ESPN, for pushing Bronny James too much, despite his mediocre performance.

ESPN has predicted the young James to be drafted at No. 54, while previously he was at No. 98. Perkins pointed this out and said:

“Let me say this — we have to stop,” began Perkins. “We have to stop as the media and everyone else shining the light on Bronny because it’s other players that deserve our attention, right? The lottery guys. The guys that are actually gonna get drafted in the first round.

“We’re talking about a guy, a young man that’s possibly gonna go late second-round or not getting drafted at all. In my four years of working here, I’ve never sat on the table talking about a second-round pick.”

Fans in the comments agreed with the former NBA star as one fan wrote:

“Perk was spittin facts”

“Rare W for Perkins. And I mean Rare,” commented another.

“I’ve never said this before, but Kendrick Perkins was actually up there spitting,” said one fan.

A few fans, while agreeing with Perkins, speculated if his change in sides was motivated by other reasons.

“Shout out to Kendrick for showing some integrity. And yes those Klutch checks must have stopped lol he’s out here telling the truth now,” commented one user.

“Perk is absolutely correct. I saw Bronny play against ASU and at no point did I even think he was a NBA pro,” wrote another.

A few fans also pointed out the growing nepotism in the NBA and the lack of coverage for others, including celebrity kids.

“Agree with Kendrick. Enough on Bronny. He should return to college, work on his game and make it on his own merit not nepotism. The talking heads should focus on the lottery pick players who’ve earned it @ESPN,” wrote one user.

“What about Shaqs kid, Jordan’s kids, pippens kid…….there was no coverage on them. Besides the NBA is becoming too much nepotism anyway. You don’t get a pass just cause your dad played. Needs to EARNED!!!!,” wrote another fan.

Analyst says teams discussing Bronny James to go in the first round

Bronny James dismissed the possibility of NBA teams drafting him to lure his father. However, LA Times’ Dan Woike revealed that this is still a possibility. Woike wrote:

“The father and son remain inevitably linked, Bronny’s draft stock and LeBron James’ free agency tied as tightly as ever. Multiple NBA executives told The Times their teams have discussed drafting Bronny James in the first round in an effort to lure his father to their team in free agency.”

LeBron James has an opt-out option available for the summer and it is expected that he will decide to either continue with the Lakers or find a new home. The veteran has expressed his wishes to play along with his son in the NBA. This would make the James’s the first father-son duo to play together.

What do you think of Bronny James getting drafted in the NBA? Is he ready? Let us know in the comment section below.

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