Team USA Basketball Coach Is Getting Exposed For Previously Taking A Direct Shot At Caitlin Clark Prior To Snubbing Her For The Olympics/th

Caitlin Clark and Cheryl Reeve look on during their respective games.Caitlin Clark and Cheryl Reeve (Photos via Getty Images)

It appears that Caitlin Clark had at least one coach who was possibly against her during the selection process for the Olympic team in Paris.

Cheryl Reeve, who will coach Team USA, is being criticized for her past comments about the Indiana Fever rookie.

The situation came before the WNBA regular season began when Team USA’s coach, Cheryl Reeve, President of Basketball Operations for the Minnesota Lynx, took to the website X to throw shade at the league and Caitlin Clark.

Cheryl Reeve had issues with the way the league was promoting Clark as opposed to everybody else.

The head coach made it clear that Clark was not the only player playing on that particular day.

“ALSO in action tonight – Minnesota Lynx vs Chicago Sky 7 pm CST. Though fans won’t be able to watch, #Lynx fans can go to the Lynx app to follow along via play-by-play. Or if you are in market, come to the game…as we start the season off right #12teams #theWismorethanoneplayer,” Reeve said.

With her record-breaking college career with the Iowa Hawkeyes and drawing in massive ratings, as well as her being selected by the Indiana Fever with the first overall pick in this 2024 WNBA Draft, Caitlin Clark has elevated women’s basketball to a level never seen before. Many new fans have shown up to see her play and tuned in as well for her professional career.

Her success in college did not help her situation for Team USA. She was one of 14 players called up to a training camp with the team in April, but she was unable to attend as it came amid Iowa making their second-sraight run in the NCAA championship game, which ultimatey led to another loss.

Caitlin Clark Not Heading To Paris Is Missed Opportunity For Women’s Sports

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Luke Hales/Getty Images)
Clark was left out of the USA’s Olympic basketball team. Although the reasons for it may be valid, it still feels like a massive missed opportunity to grow the game.

USA Today’s Christine Brennan revealed that the attention surrounding Clark actually counted against her.

Team USA officials were reportedly fearful of the backlash they would receive if she got selected and did not play very much on a team full of veterans.

However, her celebrity status would’ve elevated the game to a global status, much like the NBA. The league will now have to wait at least four more years for this chance.

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