The reality of Justin’s ‘claiming’ pictures and posts about Selena are ‘causing a storm’ on social networks

Before they could be happy, fans discovered an “unusual point” in the post that was said to be the official announcement of getting back together with Selena from Justin Bieber.

Recently, netizens were stirred by a screenshot of a post from Justin Bieber ‘s Twitter account . Accordingly, the Sorry singer suddenly shared a photo he took with Selena Gomez with the sweetest tweet: “She is mine, and I am hers @selenagomez”.


The post “caused a storm” on social networks.

Immediately after being shared, the image immediately “caused a storm” on social networks. A fan page named Justin Bieber also reposted the article with a heart symbol, making fans even more “shocked”. Many people believe that this is an official public move on social networks, proving Jelena’s lasting love.


However, before they could rejoice, fans were disappointed when they discovered that the image that was spreading rapidly was just a product of technology. The proof is that many people cannot find similar posts on Justin’s Twitter.  

The above post does not exist on Justin Bieber’s official Twitter.

In addition, the address where the above photo was distributed is also a fake Justin Bieber fanpage with only more than 770 thousand likes and no green seal of confirmation from Facebook. On the official fanpage, Justin’s most recent post was on November 15 and there have not been any further updates.  

Justin’s official fanpage has more than 78 million likes, a green check mark from Facebook and the standard username Justin Bieber.

The fake fanpage has less than 1 million likes, no confirmation green mark. Although the name is Justin Bieber, this fanpage does not have the correct username but uses the username “JBHBOFFICIAL”. In addition, this page also posted many collages of Selena and Justin Bieber and then “made up” similar tweets.

Thus, since constantly appearing together, not afraid to “lock lips” in public, but on social networks, Justin and Selena have never had any public interactions. Most recently, Justin was spotted clicking “like” and then “unlike” the image of Selena dyeing her hair blonde in an AMA of a Jelena shipper account.

Justin liked Selena’s photo at this year’s AMA on a Jelena shipper account and then immediately disliked it.


Even though they are back together, Jelena did not appear together at the AMA red carpet like in 2011.

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