VIDEO: Angel Reese Press Conference Descends Into Unknown Levels Of Awkwardness After Someone Was Captured On Hot Mic Begging For An “Intimate Relationship” (an)

Angel Reese, Teresa Weatherspoon, and Marina MabreyAngel Reese, Teresa Weatherspoon, and Marina Mabrey (Photo via @GrvntYoung/X)

Angel Reese had her recent postgame presser disrupted by an embarrassing conversation that should have never made it out there.

The Chicago Sky rookie was being questioned alongside head coach Teresa Weatherspoon and teammate Marina Mabrey following her record 13th consecutive double-double against the Seattle Storm on Sunday when a hot mic picked up an outside conversation about some desired intimacy.

“Are we ever going to have an intimate relationship?” a female was heard asking

“I’m sorry the last part cut off,” Reese said, apparently confused.

“Oh my, that’s an uncomfortable topic,” a man’s voice said.

“Excuse me?” Reese remarked.

A Sky staffer asked the reporter to repeat their question, but the conversation continued.

“I never had any interest in being intimate with anyone,” the man replied.

Reese, Weatherspoon, and Mabrey were visibly surprised, with Reese covering her mouth.

“I told you they were being weird on that,” Mabrey laughed.

“What’s going on?” another person asked.

“Somebody’s microphone is on,” someone responded.

“Oooo they finna get fired,” Reese mouthed as the call went mute momentarily.

Check it out here:

According to The Chicago Tribune’s Julia Poe, the comedy, ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ was to blame.

Poe reports that the awkwardness resulted from “a live audio feed of a slightly risqué scene from the [TV show] ‘Big Bang Theory’ on WGN on the Zoom feed.”

Meanwhile, Angel Reese made WNBA history despite Sunday’s loss, scoring 17 points along with 14 rebounds to record her 13th straight double-double, surpassing records set by Candace Parker in 2009 and 2010.

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