VIDEO: Caitlin Clark Unleashes Strong Message To People Using Her Name To Push Racist & Misogynistic Agendas/th

Caitlin Clark speaking to reportersCaitlin Clark (Photo via RomeovilleKid/Twitter)

Caitlin Clark has finally had enough and is speaking out against the many people who are using her name to push their personal agendas.

In the midst of an increase in both favorable and unfavorable dialogue about the WNBA and where it could possibly be headed, Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark was finally asked about it and gave a direct response to remarks made recently about her name being associated with misogyny, bigotry, and racism.

On Thursday, Clark was asked before the game about people on social media weaponizing her name to push their own ideals, and she was quick to denounce it.

“I think it’s disappointing. Everyone in our world deserves the same amount of respect,” Clark said. “The women in our league deserve the same amount of respect. People should not be using my name to push those agendas.”

Many fans had been calling for her to finally say something and speak out against the folks who aren’t really basketball fans but are using her talent and celebrity to take personal shots at others.

Caitlin Clark became a trending toxic topic after reports surfaced that she would not make the Olympic women’s basketball team.

“It’s not acceptable,” Clark said. “This league is the league I grew up admiring and wanting to be a part of. Some of the women in this league were my biggest idols and role models growing up and helped me want to achieve this moment right here. Treating every single woman in this league with the same amount of respect is a basic human thing that everybody should do.”

Clark’s budding rivalry with Angel Reese can be looked at as the trigger for discourse about race in this country. You had many people pulling for each star just based on their race, and it continues into their professional careers.

Earlier this month, Reese spoke on the rivalry with Clark: “People are pulling up to games, we got celebrities coming to games, sold out arenas, just because of [the 2023 NCAA championship game].

“And just looking at that, I’ll take that role. I’ll take the bad guy role, and I’ll continue to take that on and be that for my teammates.”

Online Discourse May Be Effecting Caitlin Clark’s Play On The Court

Caitlin Clark (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images)
Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark may be feeling pressure from everything surrounding her, which seems to be affecting her game.

Earlier this week, Fever coach Christie Sides spoke about Clark not making Team USA’s final roster for the 2024 Olympics in Paris next month and revealed the text she had sent.

“She got the call on the bus, and she texted me to let me know, and I just tried to keep her spirits up,” Sides said. “The thing she said was, ‘Hey coach, they woke a monster,’ which I thought was awesome.”

Her last two games have not shown that, as she has scored 17 points total on 6 of 19 shooting from the field and a putrid 3 of 11 from 3-point land, per ESPN.

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