VIDEO: Caitlin Clark’s Teammate Threatens To Beat Her Up After Fever Rookie Made Her Look Bad /dn

Erica Wheeler and Caitlin Clark laughing.

Erica Wheeler and Caitlin Clark (Photo via @IndianaFever/Twitter)

Caitlin Clark endured some threats from a teammate after trying to draw her this weekend.

So it turns out the Indiana Fever guard is not good at everything.

A video posted by the Fever on Saturday afternoon shows Clark attempting to draw teammate Erica Wheeler and making an absolute mess of it.

At least she was honest in admitting she couldn’t get the job done this time.

“I can’t draw this,” she’s heard saying in the video below. “This is so bad.”

It was indeed “so bad.” Wheeler expressed shock after seeing the rookie’s incredibly poor attempt at putting a representation of her down on paper.

“What the hell is that?” she yelled before threatening to beat Clark up.

Check it out below:

Caitlin Clark can draw crowds and fouls, but that’s pretty much it. She’s no good at trying to draw people.

Caitlin Clark Made WNBA History On Friday Night

Caitlin Clark put in a 30-point effort in a win over the Washington Mystics on Friday and became the fastest player in WNBA history to reach 200 points and 50 assists in one season.

She hit seven threes on the night as she found her touch early.

“It felt good to shoot the ball well. I felt like even my misses were right there,” Clark said after the win. “It was nice to have a night like that, and overall we shot the ball well, 16 made 3s. I still feel there are so many ways I can continue to be better, and that probably goes for our whole team.”

Clark and the Fever will return to action against the Connecticut Sun on Monday and hope to overcome them this time around after losing both of their previous matchups this season.

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