VIDEO: The Entire Internet Is Praising Las Vegas Aces Star Jackie Young For Her Shocking Behavior Towards Caitlin Clark That Was Caught On Camera/dn

Jackie Young and Caitlin Clark talking and tying their shoes

Jackie Young and Caitlin Clark (Photo via ESPN/Twitter)
Much has been made about the way players have been treating Caitlin Clark.

Las Vegas Aces guard Jackie Young changed that conversation with one move as she was given the task of guarding Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark in Tuesday night’s 88-69 win over the Fever in Las Vegas.

Their matchup was competitive. At one point, Clark slipped while driving to the basket and needed a second to get back on her feet.

Noticing this, Young purposely loosened and re-tied her shoelaces while talking to the Fever rookie.

It was a moment that did not go unnoticed by cameras:

Fans absolutely loved what they were seeing from a veteran player to Caitlin Clark:

With the victory, the Aces improved to 11-6 on the season, while the Fever dropped to 8-13. The Aces are currently third in the Western Conference standings, having won their last five games in a row.

Jackie Young is a big reason for that, as she has returned from injury, and the team is now soaring.

In the game against the Fever, however, she scored 15 points on 5 of 16 shooting from the field while launching eight total 3-pointers and only hitting two of them, per

Caitlin Clark also had a rough night from the field. She scored 13 points on 4-12 shooting and 1-7 from behind the arc. She did dish out 11 assists, but she also had six turnovers and five fouls.

Caitlin Clark Was a Huge Reason Why WNBA Sees Largest Crowd In 25 Years

The Las Vegas Aces winning streak extended to five games on Tuesday, and they did so in front of a record-breaking crowd.

With the help of Caitlin Clark, the clash between the Fever and Aces occurred in front of 20,366 fans at T-Mobile Arena, representing the largest WNBA crowd since 1999.

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