Whoopi Goldberg Responds to Rumors About Her and Raven-Symoné: Setting the Record Straight /tt

Whoopi Goldberg SLAMS Raven Symone For Exposing Their G@y Affair!

During a recent chat, Whoopi Goldberg took the opportunity to address long-standing rumors about her sexuality that have circulated throughout her career.

Responding to inquiries, Whoopi began by acknowledging that she has frequently been asked about this topic over the years.

Setting the record straight, Whoopi openly confirmed, “I am not a lesbian.”

She emphasized that while she has portrayed lesbian characters on television and has many lesbian friends, these relationships are purely platonic.

Whoopi humorously described her interactions with her friends, highlighting the boundaries she maintains.

Despite speculation about her personal life, Whoopi Goldberg’s romantic history includes three marriages—to Alvin Martin, David Claessen, and an undisclosed partner.

Unfortunately, each of these relationships was relatively short-lived, lasting only a few years.

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